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Capri Sun Pacific Cooler

Brand: Capri Sun
Flavor: Pacific Cooler
Package Type: Pouch
Retail Price per Pack: $1.74
Retail Price per fl.oz.: $0.026
Fl.oz. per Unit: 6.75
Units per Pack: 10
Health Info: Calories: 100
Carbohydrates: 25g
Sugars: 25g
Rating - Flavor Accuracy: 3
Rating - Taste: 4
Rating - Value: 4
Rating - Overral: 4
Review: Taste:
Delicate, yet penetrating like a laser beam, showing cherry and pineapple notes etched onto a vivid structure. Bright, yet mild with a graceful finish. Displays less apple influence than close-cousin, Fruit Punch.

The classic packaging of Capri Sun presented us some challenges while opening. The innovative, yet aged design proved to be fairly messy if one applies even mild pressure on the pouch while puncturing it with a straw. The pouch may be opened via the bottom, ignoring the conventional opening at the top. However, does not condone such behavior.

Lunchbox Fit:
Fits easily inside a standard lunchbox with generous room remaining for sandwich, apple, and granola bar.

The seam on the side completely ripped over and all the juice poured all over the place. Horrible durability can lead to many spoiled lunches.

Insulation Quality:
The temperature was still cold and prime for consumption. Slight slushee-effect was cured by body temperature when held.

Brand Line:
Capri Sun provides us peaceful, insipid flavors consistently year after year. The variation in taste among flavors is too narrow to keep us happy for extended periods of time. A great line-up for the summer, but will suffice year round.

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